Our Mission

Curated at the direction of Dr. Ken Boa, the interactive web virtual Museum of Created Beauty (MoCB) showcases the magnificent array of wonders in the created order, calling us to grow our sense of wonder and awe while pondering where all beauty comes from.

The Museum of Created Beauty is the brainchild of Dr. Ken Boa, a scientist, speaker, and theologian. For decades, Dr. Boa has been personally drawn to the wonders of the created order and has dreamt of creating a place where others can also encounter and delight in these wonders. As an author of more than 50 books and a teacher of several weekly studies, Dr. Boa lectures regularly on how our investigations into the physical world can enhance our understanding of deeper, spiritual things. Dr. Boa’s desire is to use this digital museum to bless others with a more acute sense of wonder, awe and majesty as they behold the world around them.

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